10 Best Episodes of Whatever Dating Talk Podcast Nobody Should Miss (2024)

Buckle up as we navigate through the wild world of dating with Brian Atlas and his colorful band of guests on “Whatever Dating Talk Podcast.” Prepare for a no-holds-barred look into today’s dating scene, traversing everything from height politics to post-modern courting norms. With a rotating crew comprising of Instagram influencers and OnlyFans models, it’s a wild ride through the often bewildering and always entertaining landscape of love in the digital age.

The Top 10 Episodes of Whatever Podcast in 2023

1. Does Height Matter? — Dating Talk #1

The first episode of this podcast navigates a minefield of topics: physical appearance ratings, double standards between men and women, and even dating ex-convicts.

The candid discussions about the intersection of work and personal life in the world of stripping as well as open relationships and body image set this episode apart. It’s the type of banter you might encounter in a barroom banquette hyped up to 11.

Brian Atlas sets the tone for the show in this episode. Ten minutes in and you’ll realize this podcast’s ‘tude is distinct from any other dating show you’ve probably ever heard.

2. Is Dating Harder for Men or Women? — Dating Talk #2

“Is Dating Harder for Men or Women? — Dating Talk #2” opens the floor to a debate almost as old as time itself. The episode dives into celestial matchmaking with Venus and Mars signs before shifting to more intricate sexual matters, like the challenges of reaching climax.

Central to the conversation is a dissection of consent and gender dynamics. The hosts venture into the overlap of sex work and dating, examining how one’s profession might inform personal preferences. A compelling deep-dive into the intricacies of modern love and lust.

3. She Hates Elon Musk But Would Date Him? — Dating Talk #10

Dating Talk podcast’s episode 10 is a roller coaster ride with thought-provoking discussions. This conversation includes the sensitive terrain of virginity and the “body count” stigma.

It also discusses the societal implications of fatherless households and divorce. It broaches challenging issues like baggage in relationships and the unsettling prospect of sex robots. In a world teetering on the brink of population collapse, this episode provides a startling, often controversial, yet captivating outlook on the future of dating.

4. “Convince Me To Date You” She is the Prize?! — Dating Talk #22

Dating Talk #22″ is a fiery, unapologetic dialogue that navigates the choppy waters of who pays for dates, traditional gender roles, and the art of waiting for love.

The episode also delves into taboo topics such as body count double standards and the realities of sexual expectations. With intense discussions around preference standards, age dynamics, and even tattoos, this episode is an exploration of rejection, preferences, and the fraught landscape of contemporary love.

5. She Admits to Scamming Men for $1,000/Month? — Dating Talk #41

The Dating Talk #41 unearths some dark underbellies of the dating scene, from online sugar daddies to disastrous first dates. It also delves into sticky questions around gender norms, child support, and dating apps etiquette. Numerous opinions are given on media representation, beauty standards, and the pitfalls of dating outside your race.

A candid, eye-opening journey into the modern dynamics of attraction and relationships.

6. They All Think They Are Tens? (Delusional) — Dating Talk #42

This episode dives into the realm of inflated self-perception in the dating landscape. The crew discusses the clashes of expectation versus reality in the digital dating world, the role of therapy stigma in relationships, and the often misunderstood concept of body count.

Additionally, a critical look at the gender dynamics in dating expectations offers insightful, albeit sometimes uncomfortable, observations. This episode is like a dry martini — sharp, intoxicating, and with a twist of sobering truth.

7. Dating As An Amputee: Dating Talk #51

Dating As An Amputee: Dating Talk #51 is an eye-opening discussion on the challenges faced and the resilience exhibited in dating as a person with a disability. Navigating topics from dating multiple people to the complexities of dating expenses, the episode reveals how societal norms and standards are constantly questioned.

Moreover, an intimate talk about the objectification of amputees shines light on a rarely discussed topic, offering a refreshing perspective.

8. OF Girl’s Boyfriend Joins Stream?! 130+ Body Count?! — Dating Talk #65

Dating Talk #65 strips back the curtains of the adult content industry, tackling discussions about the implications of high body counts, hookup culture, and the struggles within a professional and personal context. Balancing humor with deep, thought-provoking debates, the episode gives insight into an intriguing side of modern relationships.

And in case you want a little more drama, the episode briefly discusses social media personality Andrew Tate, who has been indicted on rape and human trafficking charges.

9. UNBANNED! Waldo Rage Quits! She Loves to Cheat?! — Dating Talk #74

This episode navigates the minefield of Red Pill man-osphere, infidelity, and gender norms, inviting listeners to reconsider societal expectations. Engaging and controversial, it paves the path for understanding the complex interplay of masculine energy and feminine power in the dating world.

10. HEATED Debate! 3 Girls KICKED OFF (Hat Trick) — Dating Talk #77

Dating Talk #77 embarks on a tempestuous journey across contemporary themes like the transgender movement, “simping,” and toxic masculinity. From light-hearted chatter about morning routines to serious conversations about chronic pain, it serves as a bold co*cktail of controversy and awareness. It underlines the very intricate tapestry of modern dating.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it – the 10 most compelling episodes of “Whatever Dating Talk Podcast.” After delving into this motley crew’s exploration of romance, love, and everything in between, you’ll be armed with a fresh perspective on modern relationships.

And remember, whether you’re navigating the wild west of dating apps or deciphering the enigma of Elon Musk’s desirability, it’s all a part of modern dating landscape.

10 Best Episodes of Whatever Dating Talk Podcast Nobody Should Miss (2024)
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