27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (2024)

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (1)

Thanks in part to Apple products and cottagecore decoration schemes, rose gold has become increasingly popular in recent years. Like other metallics, it’s fairly versatile when it comes to design, and it’s right at home in a number of different palettes.

Here are some colors that go with rose gold, including color palette examples:

1. Lilac and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (2)

Hex Codes:#C8A2C8, #E3B1B1, #737380

Lilac is a soft shade somewhere between pale pink and pale purple. It’s easy to confuse it with lavender, but lilac has warmer undertones and is more pink. Lavender has cooler undertones and is closer to purple. The combination of lilac and rose gold is a delicate one, so it’s a popular choice for wedding invitations and decorations.

Lilac, especially in dilute shades, can be a soothing wall color. In a living room, use rose gold lamps against a lilac wall. If you want to feature the metallic a little more, add a rose gold coffee table with a glass top. This combination is also a good one for a nursery. Lilac walls, natural-finished wooden furniture, and rose gold hardware are all you need to design a beautiful room for your baby.

2. Forest Green and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (3)

Hex Codes:#014421, #D5ACA9, #666370

Forest green is a shade of quiet elegance, and so is rose gold. These two shades create an interesting study in contrast. Rose gold’s warmer undertones balance out the cooler undertones of forest green. Rose gold is also a much lighter color, so it stands out nicely when used with forest green.

Deeper shades of green have become somewhat popular among those who prefer non-traditional colors. In particular, plush velvety couches look luxuriant in forest green! How much rose gold you pair with this color will of course depend on your preferences. As rose gold has gotten more popular, furniture with rose gold legs has become easier to find. You can also include interesting rose gold accessories like hammered gold vases or metal photo frames.

3. Sky Blue and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (4)

Hex Codes:#87CEEB, #EFC7C2, #FFE5D4

Rose gold tends to look elegant in any space. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you want something a little more casual, try using sky blue alongside it. Sky-blue walls will add just enough energy to any space. However, if you prefer palettes that are mostly neutral, just add sky-blue accents to a room that is mostly neutral. In a living room, include sky-blue and white accent pillows on a soft gray couch. From there, include rose gold accents to taste.

Sky blue is also at home in eclectic palettes. If you want your space to have a truly one-of-a-kind look, include furniture that’s painted sky blue. In small amounts, splashes of other bright colors can also add interest. Simply add rose gold hardware, and you’ve got a look you may not see anywhere else.

4. Black and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (5)

Hex Codes:#000000, #C99DA3, #7DAA92

You might balk a little at this combination. After all, traditional gold and black can start to look garish together. If you’re worried about the warm/cool contrast getting a little too stark, you can always dilute out the black with some white. One example is a bathroom. Rose gold hardware will look striking against a black and white tiled floor. You can keep the walls white or choose a soft pink color.

This is a combination that also does well in a kitchen. For a high-end look that’s different from the usual, use black marble countertops and rose gold hardware. Of course, in this case, you’ll want to keep the walls white or a similar color so the end result is not overly dark.

5. Petal Pink and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (6)

Hex Codes:#E5ADC8, #D6909A, #B8AEB4

Of all colors paired with rose gold, pale shades of pink are the most common. It’s easy to see why: the colors are similar enough that they create a unified palette, but the combination of metallic and non-metallic still keeps things interesting. Hanging a mirror framed in rose gold on a petal pink wall is a relatively simple way to harness this color combo’s classic appeal.

You can also use the combination of petal pink and rose gold to create a distinctive dining room or conference room. If you have a room that is already beige or gray, include pale pink upholstered chairs with rose gold legs. A rose gold bowl, vase, or other accessory placed on the conference table or dining room table will complete the look. It’s perfect if you like the glamorousness of rose gold but don’t want to go too over the top.

6. Dark Wood Tones and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (7)

Hex Codes:#4F301F, #DFAEB4, #EACBD2

Wood floors and furniture are timeless. And when they’re finished in natural shades, they do with just about anything. That said, there’s an impressive amount of variety in wood tones, and the exact shade you pick will influence the mood of the room.

Darker wood tones will make a space feel cozy and enveloping, and darker stains often have vintage appeal. As a bonus, darker finishes will also help to ground a color scheme. In a living room, include dark wooden furniture with rose gold hardware. Paint the walls a soft shade of pink and add a rose gold wall hanging or two.

7. Seafoam Green and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (8)

Hex Codes:#9FE2BF, #CDA2AB, #626267

If you like designing spaces with unexpected flair, try combiningseafoam green and rose gold! Seafoam green is a softer color that is often reminiscent of spring or summer. You don’t need a lot of either color to really make a room!

Since seafoam green and rose gold make a relatively quiet combination, they will work well in a bedroom. Start with gray, beige, or greige (essentially a mix of gray and beige) walls. Include a white bedspread, but add a couple of seafoam green accent pillows. Or if youreallylike seafoam green, you can choose a solid or patterned seafoam green bedspread. Add two bedside tables and place a small rose gold lamp on each one.

8. Sunny Yellow and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (9)

Hex Codes:#FFF917, #F4CBC6, #6E8387

Rose gold is warm, and sunny yellow isverywarm. So you may be surprised to hear that these two colors can actually look good together! The trick is to just use small amounts of each. One example is that of an all-white (or mostly white) modern living room. All-white rooms can look cool, but they can also seem strange or off-putting if there are no accent colors present.

To give one of these living rooms personality, add a rose gold hanging lamp or two. Then, distribute yellow accent pillows throughout. For a homey touch, consider including a bouquet of sunflowers or other yellow blooms. A rug is perfect for adding more yellow, although you may find you don’t need it.

9. Warm Beige and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (10)

Hex Codes:#F5F5DC, #E09891, #352208

If you like the combination of pale pink and rose gold but have a strong allegiance to neutrals, check out warm beige! Like pink, warm beige’s warmer undertones will pair nicely with rose gold. Warm beige is one of the most versatile shades on the list: you can find beige furniture, paint, and carpet just about anywhere.

If you want to start with just a little bit of each color, hang rose gold frames on a warm beige wall. If the rest of the room is primarily beige, you can play up the rose gold a bit by adding more metallic accents. If you happen to come across shimmering rose gold fabric, it’s an ideal choice for accent pillows or even curtains.

10. Navy Blue and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (11)

Hex Codes:#000080, #EBBAB9, #F3FFE1

Some people will tell you that navy blue is entirely too dark and cool to look good with rose gold. That’s a matter of opinion, and once you see the colors side by side, you’ll be able to decide for yourself. When navy is combined with a metallic, it’s typically gold. But rose gold will add a warm and exciting twist when combined with this classic shade of blue.

You can successfully use these colors in any room of the house, but rose gold and navy look particularly nice in a bathroom. In a bathroom with white walls and white countertops, paint the cabinets navy blue. Include rose gold hardware for the cabinets, sink, and tub. A black and white tiled floor will make this color scheme look both grounded and dignified.

11. Cool Beige and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (12)

Hex Codes:#D8BCAB, #D99E91, #DB7B7B

Some design experts will only recommend using warmer shades with rose gold. But if you like the look of a cool counterbalance, check out cool beige! This is a beige shade with cooler undertones. Very cool shades of beige may come close to being gray.

If you’re a fan of Scandinavian design, you may already have some experience layering shades of beige, gray, and cream to create nuanced palettes. This color scheme makes it easy to do that, as rose gold is almost a neutral itself. Distribute your various layers of color across walls, rugs, furniture, throws, wall hangings, and more. Even a few rose gold accents will help set your design apart from countless similar ones.

12. Raspberry and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (13)

Hex Codes:#E30B5C, #E4B1AB, #364652

Very bright shades of red can create palettes that are overly warm when used with rose gold. Raspberry is a nice alternative, as it’s really closer to being a shade of deep pink. One cool way to use this combination is to select raspberry furniture with rose gold legs.

However, this is a very specific combination that may prove difficult or impossible to find. Raspberry also makes a bold yet effective wall color. When you add rose gold wall sconces, you add a sense of luxury that’s not quite as strong as the more common (but sometimes gaudy) combination of red and gold.

13. Charcoal Gray and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (14)

Hex Codes:#36454F, #E5C2C0, #E9D758

If you’re concerned that your color scheme might not be grounded enough, check out charcoal gray! This deep, dark shade may be a classic, but its timeless appeal has made it a mainstay of modern design as well. And like many neutrals, it goes surprisingly well with rose gold.

Hanging rose gold frames or pieces of wall art on a charcoal wall will make it easy to combine these colors. However, plenty of people would rather not paint their walls quite so dark. Instead, if you have a fireplace, try painting the wall around the mantlepiece charcoal gray. From there, include a rose gold bowl or vase on top of the mantle. Alternatively, choose a bold rose gold wall sculpture and hang that instead!

14. Cream and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (15)

Hex Codes:#FFFDD0, #EDD1C5, #D1A09D

Cream is a quiet, lovely shade that’s just a bit warmer than warm white. It’s a safe wall color and a good color for living room furniture. If you have a living room that is primarily cream, rose gold can serve as an interesting accent color. If you can find pillows with stripes or patterns of pale pink and rose gold, these are perfect to add!

Rose gold lamps (either hanging lamps or floor lamps) will really give the space some modern appeal. And if that isn’t quite enough, don’t be afraid to add clocks, wall sconces, frames, etc.

15. Steel and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (16)

Hex Codes:#CED2D7, #E8C3C7, #76997E

It may sound strange and ill-advised to layer rose gold with another metallic. However, especially inrooms like kitchens where there’s a lot of metal anyway, this combination can be a winning one. If your existing kitchen has stainless steel as its main metal, you can dress it up a bit with some rose gold. Start small with rose gold cookware, or go boldly forward with a rose gold oven or cooktop! If you have a fume hood, you might choose to make it rose gold, too.

This merging of cool and warm tones is perfect for creating balance in a kitchen (or another room). Don’t be afraid to put them side by side, either—rose gold accents on stainless steel (or vice versa) will still result in a standout kitchen.

16. Mauve and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (17)

Hex Codes:#E0B0FF, #FACBC5, #D4B4B0

Mauve is a unique color located between pink and violet on the color wheel. The old-fashioned shade of mauve looks a little like a more purple dusty rose. You can give mauve a modern facelift with rose gold accents! Mauve makes an interesting color for couches, chairs, and bedspreads. If you’re able to find upholstered furniture with metal edges or legs, look for mauve pieces with rose gold legs and edges.

Mauve’s pinkish hue is a natural match for rose gold. That being said, if you use these two colors alone, you may find that your palette seems to be leaningtoopink. Use white to break up the palette a bit, but if you’re going for a vintage aesthetic, you may find that cream or warmer shades of white are ideal.

17. Teal and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (18)

Hex Codes:#008080, #F4D6CC, #4C4B63

Many colors that we associate with rose gold have a similar rosy glow (or at least warm undertones). However, sometimes you need a starker contrast to really bring a room to life. The combination of teal and rose gold is perfect. Against teal’s deep blue-green color, rose gold accessories certainly won’t go unnoticed.

If you have a room with teal walls and cool white wall trim, even a couple of rose gold floor lamps will elevate the aesthetic. If you want to make the combination a bit more subtle, go with medium-stained or light-stained wood with rose gold hardware. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different rose gold accessories. Because most accessories are easy to move, you can simply remove any accessories you don’t like!

18. Sage Green and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (19)

Hex Codes:#9CAF88, #E2B1B1, #002400

Like rose gold, sage green is a popular shade that doesn’t seem like it will go out of style anytime soon. Pale shades of sage often have a silvery cast and a springlike energy, making them ideal companions for the gentle glow of rose gold.

This refreshing color combination is one that’s well-suited to a home office. Choose a soft shade of sage as your wall color and add warm white trim. Include a rose gold desk (or a desk with rose gold legs and/or accessories). This combination will look nice with a wall hanging that features warm white and soft pink, as these colors will pick up the warm undertones of rose gold.

19. Smoky Blue and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (20)

Hex Codes:#596E79, #F9E0D9, #E6DBD0

Smoky blue might seem like a strange name, but it just refers to a shade of blue with gray, smoke-like overtones. It’s muted and vaguely stormy, and its cool nature can be beautifully balanced out by rose gold.

This shade will work well in a bathroom, and rose gold hardware will really pop against smoky blue walls. For some variety, paint the cabinets white and include rose gold hardware here, too. Finish out the palette with white towels and a shower curtain! But since smoky blue can seem pensive and quiet, it also makes an ideal wall color for a bedroom with a few rose gold accents.

20. Pale Gray and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (21)

Hex Codes:#D3D3D3, #E3B1B1, #D18E8E

Grays of all shades never seem to go out of style in the design world. And if you want a neutral that really lets rose gold take center stage, soft shades of gray might be just what you’re looking for.

For example, let’s say you have a living room that is primarily different shades of light gray. This type of layered palette can be lovely, but if you feel like it needs a bit of an edge, even a few rose gold touches will help. Start by adding a round, glass-topped coffee table with a rose gold frame. Even this relatively small accessory will draw the eye. From there, you can always add more rose gold accents if you see fit.

21. Light Wood Tones and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (22)

Hex Codes:#D7BA89, #FCD0C7, #CCA197

You can never go wrong with wood tones. And if you’re designing a space with a modern aesthetic, very light wood tones are exactly what you need. When using pale wood tones with rose gold, create a soft-colored space with a warm glow. Consider soft pink or dusty rose walls and cream-colored fluffy rugs.

Once you’ve set the scene, add as many touches of rose gold as you need. Chairs with rose gold frames, rose gold sculptures, and eye-catching rose gold frames will all work nicely. If you prefer, incorporate rose gold in a single spot to create a focal point or statement piece. For example, you could do this with a coffee table, lamp, or metal chair.

22. Plum and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (23)

Hex Codes:#8E4585, #FFE3DC, #66999B

The word “plum” can be used to describe a whole range of colors, but it usually denotes a shade of purple with warmish undertones. The combination of plum and rose gold is a softer, more modern version of the classic pairing of royal purple and gold. You don’t see plum and rose gold used together all that often, so this combination can be a lot of fun to play around with.

If you like unusually-colored couches, look for plum-colored ones for your living room. Set them up alongside rose gold lamps and a rose gold pouf (if you can find one) with a metallic sheen. This lovely combination will be warmed up just enough by ivory walls.

23. Mint Green and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (24)

Hex Codes:#99EDC3, #FFD4CA, #896978

The aroma of mint is relaxing and refreshing, and so is the color mint green. This soft spring green is perfect for centering spaces like bedrooms, but it also can add a tranquil touch to living rooms.

If you want to incorporate mint green in an understated way, choose a mint-colored shaggy rug and use it as a centerpiece in a living room with ivory furniture. Add a handful of rose gold accent pieces, and you’ve got a compelling palette that’s remarkably easy to create! If you find that the palette needs more dynamism, add a couple of mint green lampshades or accent pillows.

24. Medium Gray and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (25)

Hex Codes:#BEBEBE, #E8C3C3, #5E5A5A

Medium shades of gray are often dark enough to ground a palette, and most of them pair well with rose gold. Medium shades of gray also offer an opportunity to mix textures: heathered gray fabrics and shiny, metallic rose gold create memorable contrasts together!

Try this combination in a bedroom. Start with heathered gray sheets and a medium gray quilt. If you can find a rose gold metal bed frame, use it. If not, select a couple of rose gold floor lamps or table lamps. The wall color is up to you, but this look can be easily rounded out by pale gray walls.

25. Olive Green and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (26)

Hex Codes:#556B2F, #ECBEB4, #C5C9A4

This color combination is one of the more unusual ones on the list, but it has plenty of personality! Olive green and copper commonly appear together, and rose gold and copper have a similar glow. After all, genuine rose gold is made bymixing gold and copper(and sometimes silver).

Olive green and rose gold can give your kitchen or bathroom cabinets an easy facelift: just paint the cabinets olive green and add rose gold hardware. This combination does well with white or off-white countertops and walls painted a pale neutral color.

26. Cool White and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (27)

Hex Codes:#F4FDFF, #DEAFA4, #14110F

This is probably one of the most common combinations involving rose gold. It can give any space a light, almost magical feel. Of course, if the space you’re designing starts to seem a little too light and airy, be sure to add a dark neutral to keep everything grounded!

It’s hard to go wrong with this combination, but for the sake of an example, consider a bathroom with a cool white tub, sink, cabinets, etc. Simply including rose gold hardware will transform an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious space. For a little extra opulence, install white marble countertops. If the look needs grounding, choose black or partially-black flooring.

27. Dusty Rose and Rose Gold

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (28)

Hex Codes:#B48E92, #EBBCBC, #FAE3F0

If you’re hoping to integrate rose gold into a monochromatic palette, dusty rose is as close as it gets. This vintage classic’s distinctive hue looks a lot like the base color of rose gold. The combination of these two colors is quiet enough to work nicely in a bedroom.

Dusty rose bedspreads are easy enough to find. Choose one of these (or a bedspread patterned in dusty rose and white). Paint the walls ivory or light pink and hang a large rose gold mirror or wall sculpture above the bed.

Designing With Rose Gold

Whether your space has just a few rose gold accents or a larger rose gold focal point, selecting the colors to pair with this modern metallic is a critical decision. You can go almost monochromatic with soft pinks or play up the contrast with dark brown or black. Either palette is sure to be a hit!

27 Colors That Go With Rose Gold (Color Palettes) (2024)
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